Lions 11

If you are in Lions 11 please register on Teamstuff for all training sessions and to indicate your availability for fixtures.

Meet the Team

  • Amar Ali

    Amar Ali

  • Ali Siddiqui

    Ali Siddiqui

  • Theo Preston

    Theo Preston

  • Henry Hutchings

    Henry Hutchings

  • Joe Brotherton

    Joe Brotherton

  • Aarav Mangla

    Aarav Mangla

  • Oskhar Shaikh

    Oskhar Shaikh

  • Olly Pennington

    Olly Pennington

  • Amar Padam-Singh

    Amar Padam-Singh

  • Zachary Bayfield

    Zachary Bayfield

  • Zain Amjad

    Zain Amjad

  • Amaan Mathur

    Amaan Mathur

  • Lucas Byng

    Lucas Byng

  • Eddie Cooke

    Eddie Cooke

  • Jai Gupta

    Jai Gupta

  • Suleimaan Rahman

    Suleimaan Rahman

  • Sebastian Jones

    Sebastian Jones

  • Alex Duguid

    Alex Duguid

  • Alexander Hogben

    Alexander Hogben

  • Freddie Cowling

    Freddie Cowling